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Registration Contract

Behavioral Agreement
Campers are responsible for their actions, must respect themselves, other campers and adults, camp equipment and facilities and the environment. Campers will demonstrate communication, cooperation and caring. The following are NOT permitted by campers: leaving an activity without permission or without adult supervision, endangering the health and safety of children and staff in any way, this includes profanity, hostile language, weapons, and inappropriate behavior (ie sexual or threatening), theft, destruction of property and all illegal substances. When the camper does not follow the behavior guidelines staff will take the following actions: redirect behavior, remove camper from activity, and possible dismissal from the the camp. Dismissal from camp (camper fees) are non-refundable if a camper is sent home for disciplinary reasons.

Informed Consent and Acknowledgement
I hereby give my approval for my child/children to participate in any and all activities prepared by Whole Body Academy, LLC during camp hours. In exchange for the acceptance of said child’s candidacy by Whole Body Academy, LLC, I assume all risk and hazards incidental to the conduct of the activities, and release, absolve and hold harmless Whole Body Academy, LLC and all its respective representatives from any and all liability for injuries to said child arising out of traveling to, participating in, or returning from selected camp sessions.

In case of injury to said child, I hereby waive all claims against Whole Body Academy, LLC including all employees, all participants, or advertisers, and if applicable, owners of premises used to conduct the camp. There is a risk of being injured that is inherent in all activities.

Medical Release and Authorization
As a parent and/or guardian of the named camper/s, I hereby authorize the diagnosis and treatment by qualified and licensed medical professional, of the minor child, in the event of a medical emergency, which in the opinion of the attending medical professional, requires immediate attention to prevent further endangerment of the minor’s health if delayed.

Parent Expectations
It is expected that each camper will be dropped off and picked up on time. The camp is structured according to a strict timely schedule. Parents/guardians will be given a leeway of 10 minutes at both drop off and pick up. Habitual lateness may result in camper missing session activities, and parental conference. If a parent/guardian is late (arriving 3:10 pm or later) picking up their child, they will get one warning. The next time you arrive 3:10 pm or later, you will be charged $25. If your child is picked up 3:20 pm or later, you will be charged $50. The company will be charged by the school if the facility needs to stay open past 3:10 pm. Please plan accordingly.

Employee Information
Each employee has been hand selected based on an application and interview process that will best fit this camp’s mission statement. Each employee has been given a criminal background check and has been fingerprinted.

There will be a registered nurse, trainer, or athletic director on premise to deal with any medical issues that may arise.

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Photo/Video Clip Release Form
Whole Body Academy, LLC
New Jersey

I grant to Whole Body Academy, LLC, its representatives and employees the
right to take photographs and/or video clips of my child in connection with the activities involved in the camp. I authorize Whole Body Academy, LLC, to use and publish pictures and/or short video clips on the company’s website and/or social media sites as a means for publicity, illustration, advertising, and Web content.

I agree that Whole Body Academy, LLC, may use such photographs and/or short video clips of my child without disclosing his/her name, and the company assures that they will not use the photos/videos for any unlawful purposes.

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